The submersible dredge ROV. Credit: Eddy Pumps

USACE tests underwater dredging ROV

The US Army Corps of Engineers is testing a new underwater dredging ROV, which will be used in dredging operations in the UAE later this year. Designed and manufactured by EDDY Pump Corporation, the Mini […]

IHC introduces new RF system

On 24 May 2019, IHC Systems from Sliedrecht has introduced its latest product, a radio frequency (RF), non-radioactive, density measurement system. IHC Systems managing director, Quentin van Ballegooie; sales manager, Rens Klootwijk; and R&D manager, Jacco Osnabrugge, […]

PortX and Helm sign strategic partnership agreement

A port optimisation solutions company, PortX, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with software developer Helm Operations to combine systems and develop an AI-assisted dispatching tool to optimize towing operations. The agreement will combine PortX’s […]

Smart solutions developed for dredging industry

A collaboration has been announced between equipment manufacturer IHC Merwede and Semiotic Labs to develop smart solutions for the dredging industry. This includes combining shipping knowledge with smart Internet of Things sensors and artificial intelligence […]

DEME’s new generation TSHD is put to work

DEME’s multi-year fleet investment programme continues with the arrival of its new trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Bonny River. The vessel is currently being mobilised on its first assignment in Flushing in the Netherlands. The […]

Wind farm maintenance robot wins funding

A project involving the Universities of Bristol, Manchester, and Royal Holloway, along with Wootzano, a British company specialising in the development of electronic skin for robots, has been awarded GBP4.2 million (USD5.3 million) in government funding. The […]

New data development to improve seabed mapping

Geotechnical service provider Fugro has provided more than 110,000 km2 of high-resolution bathymetry data to improve quality and coverage of seabed mapping in the North Atlantic Ocean. The bathymetry data, which roughly covers an area the […]

Damen to produce new aggregate dredger

Aggregates production company Hanson has given Damen Shipyards green light to build a new marine aggregate dredger, MAD 3500, to join its fleet. The MAD 3500’s limited dimensions are suited to operate within the Shoreham […]

Subsea power grids undergo final testing

Electrical equipment and automation provider ABB and industrial manufacturing company Siemens are in the final stages of testing their subsea power-distribution stations. The stations connect to a topside or above-water generator, such as a wind […]