Bio-inspired, soft and smart robotics

Soft robotics are burrowing their way into industries from medicine to deepsea mining. Claudio Flores and Danilo Flores, founders of innovation consultancy Kybernesia, depict a futuristic scenario that applies this groundbreaking technology to dredging Imagine […]

Dry ice method could offset ship CO2

A consortium of global companies is positing dry ice as a long-lasting carbon-capture solution for ship carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, allowing vessels to burn conventional hydrocarbon fuels while at sea. The solution comprises a sequence […]

The importance of deep sea exploration

One thing that I am truly fascinated about is when researchers are able to uncover some of the many secrets of the deep sea. Living in harsh conditions, it is not easy to deploy equipment […]

Subsea microbes outperform bacteria

Deep sea sediments are notoriously nutrient poor, however, microbes belonging to the Archaea group of unicellular microorganisms have been efficiently scavenging dead cells, and play an important role in the geochemical carbon and nitrogen cycles […]