Dredger of the month: Ghasha

Royal IHC recently launched the second custom-built trailing suction hopper dredger commissioned for the Middle East. Its shallow draught and advanced cooling system are trademarks of a vessel destined to work in the heat of […]

Bio-inspired, soft and smart robotics

Soft robotics are burrowing their way into industries from medicine to deepsea mining. Claudio Flores and Danilo Flores, founders of innovation consultancy Kybernesia, depict a futuristic scenario that applies this groundbreaking technology to dredging Imagine […]

An automated future for dredging

Dredging’s precise and predictable form of operations, often carried out relatively close to the shore, make them ripe for automation, with satellite coverage paving the way for wider take-up of broadband Dredging usually takes place […]

Dredging continues in NZ amid COVID-19

In a development prompted by the onset of global pandemic COVID-19, New Zealand’s Eastland Port is continuing to undertake weekly dredging operations using its owned-and-operated suction hopper dredger Pukunui. The regular removal of sediment to […]