Subsea power grids undergo final testing

Electrical equipment and automation provider ABB and industrial manufacturing company Siemens are in the final stages of testing their subsea power-distribution stations. The stations connect to a topside or above-water generator, such as a wind […]

Contaminated subsea areas exposed

According to the latest EU Environment Agency (EEA) paper ‘Contaminants in Europe’s seas’, 85% of examined areas of European Waters encompassing the Baltic, North, Black, and Mediterranean seas, have been classified as contaminated problem areas. […]

Port of Miami dredging destroys coral reef

A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Miami (UM), USA, have published findings in the Marine Pollution Bulletin journal, estimating that over half a million corals have been killed in a recent […]

Ports rule out scrubber ban

More than 20 port authorities, including from Japan, South Africa, Greater Wellington in New Zealand, Victoria and South Australia in Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, have sent no-objection letters and approvals regarding the use […]