De-silting the Nile to support economy

Egypt is investing in dredgers to improve its inland waterways to make them a viable alternative for road and rail cargo Prompted by a projected increase in national cargo demand, the Egyptian government has committed […]

Next steps for New Zealand

From Otago in the south to Auckland in the north, New Zealand is investing in ports across its two islands in line with projected growth A port relocation dilemma, dredging, shifting operations to newly reclaimed […]

Dredger of the Month: TSHD Lesse 

DPC considers how the Royal IHC and Dutch Dredging-designed TSHD Lesse can be deployed to shallow regions Trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Lesse is the ninth such dredger in Dutch Dredging’s fleet of vessels. Launched in […]

Training – but what for, exactly?

Ports will need to think differently about how they attract talent, and the skills and experience personnel will need as automation becomes further entrenched in operations Many have complained about the relative lack of new […]

Yangtze links up chain in China’s belt

How national logistics parks and inland waterways initiatives will support the socio-economic benefits of the One Belt, One Road initiative China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative has been mobilising vast resources – from both […]