Looking at the other side

In early April, I visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet with marine engineering companies as well as ports. The unanimous spirit of the business leaders in the UAE is clear; they want to […]

Gain, train and retain

Kerry Thompson, Head of ABP Academy, discusses why the various ABP initiatives to upskill existing employees and attract new talent are important in the ever changing technologically-advanced conditions of international trade Innovations in technology and […]

No Picture

Explore new avenues

In preparation for DPC‘s focus on Big Data, we ran a poll on what kinds of data companies in dredging collect to improve operations. Responses to this question of the month showed that fuel and environmental […]

Todd Bridges

Preparing for the future

The projects that we will build in the next 25 to 100 years will be different than the projects that we build today, writes Todd Bridges, US Army Corps of Engineers If you accept my […]

A new digital world

The dredging industry is changing and it seems that the people in it, are looking forward to it. When asked in our monthly poll, if the company they worked for uses virtual or augmented reality […]

Surviving a man’s world

As one of the few women who currently work as a calculation engineer specialises in panel construction, Andreea Toporas shares how she had to work twice as hard just to prove herself […]

Put the thinking caps on

In the inaugural installment of opinion pieces written by dredging and port construction industry leaders, Eric van Wellen explains why engineering has to watch out for sustainable growth as history repeats itself . […]

Getting started

With the new year around the corner, we have introduced a few new sections to the magazine. On page 26, you can find our inaugural instalment of shipyard and vessel profiles. For this month, our […]

Applauding critical change

To celebrate the milestone and the positive changes in the industry and to acknowledge environmental concerns, we created a new category for the DPC Awards, which we have just celebrated, named the DPC Editor’s Award. […]

All new change

Over the past month, I have gained new insight into the dredging industry – and I look forward to dive deeper into the subject matter in the coming months. I would appreciate to hear from […]