The River Elbe in Hamburg. Port of Hamburg

Elbe deepening kicked off

Works for the deepening of the river Elbe, Germany, have officially started today. The federal transport minister Andreas Scheuer and the federal river authority officiated the works with a cruise around the area that will […]

Keeping track of the global sand trade

Malaysia’s decision to ban sand exports in 2018 – even to neighbour Singapore – highlighted the fact that sand is globally becoming a scarce resource. “Researchers need to establish accounting processes for sand flows in, […]

Data to optimise port operations

Increased use of data is allowing the maritime world to reach new horizons when it comes to optimising operations , and this is a trend that will also change the way port infrastructure will evolve. […]

PortX and Helm sign strategic partnership agreement

A port optimisation solutions company, PortX, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with software developer Helm Operations to combine systems and develop an AI-assisted dispatching tool to optimize towing operations. The agreement will combine PortX’s […]

Smart solutions developed for dredging industry

A collaboration has been announced between equipment manufacturer IHC Merwede and Semiotic Labs to develop smart solutions for the dredging industry. This includes combining shipping knowledge with smart Internet of Things sensors and artificial intelligence […]

DEME’s new generation TSHD is put to work

DEME’s multi-year fleet investment programme continues with the arrival of its new trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Bonny River. The vessel is currently being mobilised on its first assignment in Flushing in the Netherlands. The […]

Subsea microbes outperform bacteria

Deep sea sediments are notoriously nutrient poor, however, microbes belonging to the Archaea group of unicellular microorganisms have been efficiently scavenging dead cells, and play an important role in the geochemical carbon and nitrogen cycles […]