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A Dutch perspective

Jeroen van den Berg, a commercial business analyst at Royal IHC, gives his opinion on the changing dredging landscape I was born in the dredging village of Sliedrecht, a town in the Netherlands, known for […]


Accelerating the energy transition

Van Oord’s sustainability director, Sven Kramer, gives a marine contractor’s perspective about leading the energy transition and considers what the company has done in-house to reduce its emissions System integration, energy storage, stakeholder engagement, and […]

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  • Engineering a mindset: trends in dredging technology

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    Dredging is not just about working with complex technology, but is also about an active approach to problem solving. Whether there are environmental considerations, regulatory constraints or various stakeholder expectations to be managed, marine engineering [...]

International Dredging Directory

International Dredging Directory

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Dredging data

Dredging data: Vessels under construction

IHS Markit data shows where dredging vessels are currently under construction. Both the European building hub, the Netherlands; and the eastern hot spot, China, lead the table in terms of numbers Thirty four dredging vessels […]

Dredging data: Dredger flag states

In this edition of Dredging data, DPC shows the spread of flag states that the global dredging fleet is assigned to. To provide an easier overview, only flag states with more than 10 flagged vessels […]